Save Green: Save Money (and work out) through Babywearing

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The Babywearing Work Out

Did you set a resolution to work out more this year? If so, congratulations! That is the top New Year’s resolution on 43 Things this year and seems to top most lists most years.

If you have a baby or toddler, how will you fit in time to work out? The answer is usually that having a baby or toddler IS the work out.

So, here is my lazy way to work out: wear your baby. If you are doing simple, upright stretches or even a bit of dancing, you can entertain your baby and do yourself some good at the same time.

Save Money by Babywearing

The prescribed buncha-gear lists for new parents include a stroller. If you don’t buy a stroller and you do buy a baby carrier instead, you could save a few dollars or several hundred dollars.

A low-end stroller is about the same cost as a medium-cost baby carrier. The high-end strollers, the jaw-dropping $300-500 jogging strollers not just the $1,000 triplet strollers, quickly leave even the most expensive baby carriers behind.

I bought a folding umbrella stroller anyway, though. Where else would I have put my shopping bags? These are not expensive, so, even with this stroller, you would stay on the inexpensive end of the total combined baby moving price range.

Spend Calories, Save Money

To be honest, I suspect it’s easier physically to wear a baby, spreading that weight through your strong back, than to hold a baby in your arms for much of the day. It sounds great, though, doesn’t it, to save money AND have help reaching your New Year’s resolution.

Today is day #9 of my new Save Green Habit: run the stairs every day.

Still running up and down the stairs. I wish my report was about how I’ve mastered the habit and I’m running for 30 minutes a day. I’m not. It’s hard! I am still pushing each day, but I really can’t keep going up for more than a few minutes at a time. I’m feeling good, moving faster, and just improving slowly upon slowly.

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2 thoughts on “Save Green: Save Money (and work out) through Babywearing”

  1. We chose to babywear largely to save money and to be environmentally friendly. At 3mos in we have yet to use a stroller or wish we had one. In fact, as we go grocery shopping, traveling, out for dinner or out for a walk we are increasingly relieved that we did it this way. We saw so many friends who bought 3 or more strollers (the highest was 6!) and it just seemed expensive and wasteful. We preferred to take our time and find one good stroller that we can use for years. So, we saved our money and waited, choosing to get a double Chariot for jogging and biking and continue babywearing for all the rest. In regards to fitness, my biceps have never looked better.

  2. We chose babywearing. It was so much easier. We really noticed how much more convenient it was during Christmas shopping when everyone else was lugging around those huge cumbersome strollers. We were able to dash in and out of stores. We did get an umbrella stroller for extended walking, but we really didn’t use it that much.


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