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Blog to Inspire entrant Organic Parenthood is Tiffany Lamb, a stay-at-home mom in West Los Angeles. Her time is spent figuring out and sharing with others how to create a happy, healthy, and loving family life on only one income. Days filled with crafts, adventures, laughter, and love help bring out her passion to share her experiences of motherhood with the world.

Well, it’s that time again. Time to talk about cloth diapers! But I have great news…. I have converted a friend. Yes, through my faithful dedication and raves of cloth diapering, I have finally inspired someone to give the good ol’ earth savers a try, and she LOVED them, naturally!

As most people are, she was pretty apprehensive about giving the cloth a try. After all, disposables have made life so easy. Unfortunately, not many people take into account how hard they make life in the long run in terms of how they harm the earth. My friend also being one of the people who didn’t pay too much attention to where they ended up after she disposed of them. She also had the idea in her head that cloth diapers would cost just as much as disposables, and so why not just live with the convenience of disposables? My previous blogs, and constant talking about my own experience with cloth has helped to open up her eyes. She has been able to see how we get by with our cloth even on a very tight budget. I explain numbers as well when it comes to saving by using cloth instead of disposable.

Now, there is one thing I have gone through which many people may not. At least, I hope I can help people with my own experience and keep them from spending too much on diapers. I have tried many many brands of diapers, and with that, many many styles as well. Technically speaking, I have spent about as much as I would have with disposables when it comes to diapering my son. But the catch there is 1) I have not added hundreds of plastic diapers to the landfills and 2) I take pride and joy in helping other choose the right diaper for them knowing what works and what doesn’t.

I may have my own faves, no doubt about that, but when someone tells me what they prefer when it comes to diapers I can direct them towards a great one, even if it isn’t one I choose to use. With the arrival of my next child in May, I know exactly which diapers to buy and I won’t waste money “trying” others. Also, I already have leftover stash from my son in various sizes. So, I will certainly save money with the next baby. I do plan for this to be my last, in which case I will spend my days helping people save money, and the earth, with cloth diapers for years to come. Maybe someone will even use our hand me downs and save further.

So, going back to my new cloth buddy, it turns out that just like me she enjoys the old school style of pre-folds. That seems to be one of the top choices of many moms, I hardly hear a bad thing about them. They are so versatile and so cheap in comparison to all the others. Pair them with a multiple size cover, and you have just about the cheapest and easiest way to cloth diaper your baby.

Now, she and I can both share the sad feelings of seeing people buy large boxes of diapers, and knowing where they end up. We can both feel proud together that we are saving our families money for the more important things in life, such as playtime, and that we are also helping to reduce the amount of waste blanketing our beautiful earth. And with enough energy to stay devoted to this lifestyle, hopefully I can influence more moms to convert their ways. Maybe they will convert some too, and so on and so on.

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