Breastfeeding and the Fringe Benefits of Frugality

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Sometimes those of us in the natural parenting community find it difficult to wade past the labels we end up receiving because of our unique views on everything from wooden toys to home remedies. Those on the “outside” take one look at us with our babies wearing cloth diapers and amber necklaces, strapped to us in all sorts of fabrics and consider us “interesting”, but ultimately not someone they have something in common with.

If we hope to ever help other moms begin to make better parenting choices, then we have to meet them where they live. And where they live usually has dollar signs attached to it.

There are many moms out there who decide to try breastfeeding simply because of sticker-shock. The price of formula at their local supermarket is just enough to push them over the edge and make them decide that breastfeeding might be worth the hassle after all.

These are the women who need our support the most. They are the ones who have found a reason to give breastfeeding a chance; however, if they encounter too many difficulties, they will give up. They need the support of a community of women who are willing to be real and encouraging and available…and frugal.

Saving money is a common ground. Everyone wants to save money. If we can stop being lactivists for a few moments, we might gain an audience with the mama who just wants to help the family budget. The “fringe” benefits can come later, but until then, we should focus on the issue that pushed them over the edge in the first place. That’s advocacy at its best!

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