Show Your Child Love through Babywearing

BabyHawk baby carrier

Babywearing keeps a baby close enough that parent and child have a lot of opportunity to kiss and cuddle, chat and smile.

Babywearing shows your baby that you love him in big ways, through meeting the needs that help with mental, emotional, and physical development. Babywearing also gives a parent a lot of opportunity to show a baby simple affection as they stay close and spend a lot of time face to face.

  • Kiss and cuddle. Don’t you love the smell of a newborn baby’s head? If that newborn baby is tucked under your chin, you can smell, kiss, and cuddle any time. While babywearing, your baby is within easy kissing and cuddling distance.
  • Chat. When you chat to your baby, even a very small baby, she learns the sounds of your language. Once babies understand what you are saying and when toddlers are ready to chatter away with you, you can hold a great conversation up close, face to face.
  • Feels great. Babywearing feels great, keeps baby happy, and it’s good for you and your baby.

Babywearing is a great way to show your baby love in big ways and in all of the little ways that make parenting such a joy.

Throughout March we will offer guides to getting started with some of the basic practices of attachment parenting. Next week will be Babywearing Week with coverage of benefits, products, resources, and some personal experiences.

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