Babywearing – The Ancient Made New Again

Sacagawea wears her baby exploring the western American continent

The art of babywearing is very old, but, through new products and innovations, baby carriers are made new over and over again.

Ancient Art of Babywearing

Mothers have always had the same reasons for keeping their babies close: baby is happy and mother is free to move.

Wearing a baby carrier made of cloth or leather is an ancient tradition that is still widespread throughout the world.

The Rebozo from Mexico and Guatemala is made from a length of colorful, woven cotton tied around baby and mother. The baby can be worn in a front, back, or side carry. The Kanga from Kenya is a large, printed cotton scarf that is tied in the front with the baby on the back. Many Native Americans carried babies on their backs, either on a leather-covered wooden cradleboard or in a carrier more closely resembling today’s baby slings or rebozos.

Sacagawea, Lewis and Clark’s early 19th-century Shoshone guide to their exploration of North America, was six months pregnant when she set off. She gave birth along the way and carried her baby for the rest of the journey. When the U.S. Mint researched Sacagawea for their Golden Dollar coin, in production since 2000, they determined that “she could reasonably have learned to carry Jean Baptiste slung from her shoulder, as was the Hidatsa custom.” The final design of the coin shows the infant nuzzled into the back of her neck as she looks back over her shoulder at the viewer, the baby sling a prominent part of the design.

Baby Slings, a Popular Style of Baby Carrier

Ease and simplicity make the sling a popular baby carrier. Slings, baby carriers that go over over the shoulder and the opposite hip, change traditional knotted designs like the rebozo very little. A ring sling takes that simple shape and makes it more convenient by making adjustable the overall size and the snugness.

When the length of fabric is threaded through two large rings, a pouch is formed where your baby will sit. Baby can be worn snuggled in, facing out in front like a kangaroo, on the hip, or on the back looking over your shoulder.

Sakura Bloom Baby Ring Sling

One of the newest baby carriers Parenting by Nature has added to our line up is the Sakura Bloom Pure Linen collection.

These rings slings are adjustable to any size baby and to most parents. They come in beautiful colors that are interesting yet neutral enough that either a mother or a father would be happy to wear the Sakura Bloom baby carrier.

These finest Irish linens are breathable, wicking moisture away from a hot baby and a hot adult to ensure that the sling stays cool even in tropical climates.

The Sakura Bloom sling is machine washable on cold and hangs to dry very quickly. Flax linen is a strong fiber that becomes softer and stronger over time.

Each sling comes with a detailed booklet of instructions, tips, and many photos. Whether a special treat for yourself or a gift for a friend or loved one, each Sakura Bloom baby sling is beautifully packaged and sent with care.

Ancient Art Is New Again

The reason Sacagawea wore her baby was the same reason you and I wear our babies.

Mothers strap their babies on their backs so they can have their hands free to work and play. It’s simple! Baby is safe and happy, and mother has freedom of movement.

New Sakura Bloom baby ring sling

Throughout March we will offer guides to getting started with some of the basic practices of attachment parenting. This is Babywearing Week with coverage of benefits, products, resources, and personal experiences.

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