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The early morning hours find our king-sized bed full of children. Sometimes they are snoozing. Sometimes I awake to the chatter of tiny voices. Quite often I am reminded of the elementary school song, “Ten bears in the bed, and the little one said…roll over…I’m crowded.”

Yes, it is crowded, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It makes me smile to see all those little faces nestled snugly in beside me. Our bed is the place where movies are watched, hot topics are discussed, and fears are calmed. Everyone, from the one year old to the 11 year old, take refuge there.

I grew up being welcome in my parent’s bed. Snuggled between my mom and my dad, I knew I was safe. Nightmares and creepy shadows couldn’t touch me there. I was warm. I was loved. There was no doubt in my mind.

I know my children feel the same way. My husband offers an armpit to the nine year old. I curl up around the toddler. Babies nurse, backs get scratched, and everyone wakes up on the right side of the bed!

Not just any old bed can do that! That, my friends, takes a very special bed…a family bed.

Yes, sometimes it feels crowded. Sometimes you get conked with a stray elbow. Sometimes you find yourself begging for just a wee bit more blanket real estate. But, it’s all worth it when your 4 year old looks up at you with sleepy eyes, smiles dreamily and says, “I wuv you, mama!”

“I wuv you too, little one.”

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