Cool New Cloth Diapers

Do you think you know cloth diapers? We are still surprised as great new products are introduced every year, every season—it seems like it is every week.

These are a few of our favorites.

Mother-ease in Colours

Mother-ease cloth diapers in colors

When I cloth diapered my first child, Mother-ease were the diaper most of my friends used because they were local, made in St. Catherines, Ontario. They were all a creamy cotton color. Now, they come in a rainbow of bright, bold, low-impact dyed colours.

This is a new twist on a classic Canadian diaper. I’m so glad that Mother-ease figured out that colored diapers are fun for parents and child.

Tots Bots Pocket Tot

Pocket Tots cloth pocket diapers from Tots Bots

The New Tots Bots Pocket Tot diaper fits in the innovative function category. The insert of this pocket diaper is sewn as a flap, so it comes out in the wash, but it doesn’t detach entirely.

Pocket Tots diapers

The residue-resistant, natural fabric (rayon from bamboo) comes with a microfiber core for increased absorbency and a trimmer fit. So, your baby has natural fibers against soft skin without sacrificing fit or absorbency. Tots Bots are made in Glasgow, Scotland. Parenting by Nature will have Pocket Tots in stock by the end of the month.

AMP, New to Us

Although not new to many, Parenting by Nature just started stocking the innovative AMP diapers. Nature Moms is loving their 2-sized system, the AMP Duo. They provide a great fit on a newborn, and then the one-size diaper really goes the distance fitting from 10-35 lbs. A parent can just buy the one-size, if bulk during the newborn stage isn’t a concern. These are also Canadian-made which many of our customers have been looking for.

We have been combing the reusable diaper world, especially the Canadian diaper world, to find out what new ideas are out there and what our customers are interested in. Do you have new favorites? Please share! We add new products frequently. Checking out new diapers is part of the fun of owning a parenting store.

Throughout March we will offer guides to getting started with some of the basic practices of attachment parenting. This is Cloth Diaper Week with tips, products, resources, and personal experiences.

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