Stroller Waste

Pouch baby sling for low-impact babywearing

When we are outfitting our children in the best gear available, we don’t often think about what will become of that best gear when we are done and our children grow.

A stroller, for example, becomes almost disposable when styles or mechanics become obsolete. When a stroller breaks, how often do we fix it? Isn’t it more likely that we just buy a new stroller? It concerns me that such a substantial piece of equipment is used for such a short time.

With my children, I had a lightweight, folding stroller as well as several baby slings. I used the stroller seldom. I would almost say that I wish I hadn’t bought a stroller at all, except that there were a few times with two small children in an airport when I was very grateful to have a place to put my toddler while running to catch a plane.

Durable goods, when unrecycled or unrecyclable, end up in landfill. Solid waste is the rest of the story of stuff.

What options do you have with a stroller?

  • Get a screwdriver and fix it, if it’s broken.
  • Buy replacement parts from the manufacturer and fix it, if it’s really broken.
  • Consignment, if you want to sell it.
  • Donate if it’s in good shape or Recycle if it isn’t. (Read about this great donation and recycling program from Baby Planet.)

What other options do you have?

Use a sling or other baby carrier. In a pouch sling like Hotslings, for example, there is very little fabric used and no extra rings or buckles to create bulky waste.

If you are looking for a low-impact way to transport your baby, choose babywearing.

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