Double Diaper Duty

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Several of us have found ourselves diapering more than one child at a time despite our best efforts to have the last child potty-trained. However, when you cloth diaper, double diaper duty really isn’t all that bad. Here’s why:

  1. The landfills will thank you! There is nothing more disgusting to me than driving by our local landfill and seeing disposable diapers littering the fence. Because you’re doing double diaper duty, the landfills don’t have to deal with two children’s weekly stash of diapers.
  2. Your stash gets more life. There is something terribly satisfying to me about diapers being passed down from one child to the next. The ability to reuse something twofold is the ultimate definition of recycling!
  3. Laundry is worth it. One of my favorite things about cloth diapering two is the fact that my diaper pail is at just the right spot for a full load and a full line every couple of days. When you only diaper one (especially as that one gets older), you rarely get a full load at the right time to be washing.

So, be encouraged! Diapering two really isn’t that hard and the benefits of sticking with cloth diapers are well worth it on so many levels!

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