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How do I get my children more involved in gardening? I would love to have my children so motivated to garden that they just do it on their own. I get them more involved by focusing on what they already love doing and drawing connections. Both of my children love to write and draw in notebooks. My new plan to encourage multi-disciplinary gardening: a garden journal.

I’ve recently been reading The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections by Amanda Blake Soule, one of the new Natural Library books carried by Parenting by Nature.

“Gardening is truly a creative activity, and the best gardeners plan, design, and record their work,” writes Soule. She suggests giving your child a special book where they can record their garden ideas and their progress. What might a garden journal include?

  • Draw a Garden Plan
  • Design Plant Markers
  • Draw What’s in the Garden
  • Draw Observations
  • Draw Projected Growth
  • Record the Weather
  • Write Garden Stories

What a great record of a project together a your child’s garden journal will be. As your child grows into gardening, maybe they will find inspiration in their own writing.

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