Why Cloth Diapers Video Challenge

Why Cloth Diapers? That is the question for you!

byNature.ca has issued a challenge to cloth-diaper loving aspiring filmmakers: make a video telling the world why cloth diapers rock. Address at least one of the big cloth diaper themes.

  • Cloth Diapers as an Environmentally Friendly choice
  • Cloth Diapers as an Economical choice
  • Cloth Diapers as an Easy to Use choice
  • Cloth Diapers as a Fun and Fashionable choice

All entries will be added to the growing gallery of cloth diaper videos on WhyClothDiapers.com. The videos can be funny, animated, serious, music videos, brand specific. Stretch your imagination to make any video that grabs attention and puts it on cloth diapers.

Right now you can see a few example videos, including the video above: the mysterious Kissaluv in action as it gathers the toys in a playroom dance. Why the dance through the baby’s room? I’m not sure! It doesn’t matter. The videos don’t have to make a LOT of sense as long as they inspire people to use reusable cloth diapers.

Need a little incentive? How about a big one? The winner of the Why Cloth Diapers Video Challenge will win a $1000 gift certificate (Canadian funds) from byNature.ca that can be used at any of the four byNature.ca shops, PregnancybyNature.ca, BabybyNature.ca, KidsbyNature.ca or PlaybyNature.ca.

Start by watching the Why Cloth Diapers video contest intro from Tamara of byNature.ca, Eco Baby Step’s Nature Mom.

More videos to come. While you are planning your masterpiece, be sure to post links here to your favorite YouTube cloth diaper videos.

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