Mother-made Baby Care Cosmetics

Many of the baby creams and other baby care cosmetics that have become familiar to natural parents were created by women when they become mothers and wanted to create products that met their needs and the needs of their babies. This week we focus on mother inventors.

Lansinoh Lanolin for breastfeeding


Resheda Hagen is a mother of two daughters. When she was breastfeeding one of her daughters, she nearly gave up because of painful nipples. When her husband brought her lanolin, her experience was transformed. She packaged lanolin in her own kitchen starting in 1984 before the company grew to create a whole line of breastfeeding products.

Dimpleskins Boo Boo Goo balm


Jen Casey is a mother of three. When her first child was born in 2001, she was concerned about finding products pure enough for a baby’s delicate skin. She studied aromatherapy and had experience as a make-up artist, so she started making her own skin care products, which are still manufactured by hand using only organic ingredients.

Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm diaper cream

Earth Mama Angel Baby

Melinda Olson began creating personal care products for pregnancy, childbirth, and babies in 2002 because she was concerned that available products weren’t as pure and safe as she wanted them to be. She used the ingredients that wise women have long used to comfort women and babies. They still publish on every label a complete list of all ingredients.

Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm diaper cream

Gaia Natural Baby

Michelle Vogrinec started making gentle skin care products in 2002 when her 8-week old baby developed eczema. Because of his very sensitive skin, most products made it worse. She consulted herbal books, studied aromatherapy, and took blending courses before making her own herbal infusions to add to his bath. Now this Australian product is available around the world.

TruKid natural body care products for children


Jennifer Adams Bunkers is a mother of six. Her children were playing sports and spending a lot of time in the sun, so she knew that it was important for them to use sun protection. She didn’t like the chemical-filled brands, and her children didn’t like the herbal smell of natural brands. She used only natural ingredients and essential oils to make scents her children liked. In 2007 she created a company to make fun products that kids would love.

Many baby products are created by mothers who are meeting their own children’s needs. This week we will focus on those mother inventors of products. For more great stories of mothers whose ideas became businesses, check out Mother-made Cloth Diapers and Mother-made Baby Carriers.

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