New Mother Gifts: Cloth Diaper Packages

Bummis cloth diaper package

The best gifts for a new mother fall into several broad categories: share delight in the baby (like a camera), ease the transition to parenthood (maybe a cleaning service), and tools to help with baby. This week I am going to write about the latter, baby tools that would be great gifts for a new parent.

Most parents probably have a registry or a list of things they want, but I have always thought that the best gifts are those that the recipient didn’t realize they wanted. I think that for a new mother, the best gifts are those have been helpful or meaningful to the giver.

Without a doubt, the gift I found most helpful before my first child was born was Dr. Sear’s Baby Book. A new mother gave me this gift, and she talked to me about attachment parenting. This respectful approach to parenting really resonated with me, but I don’t think I would have heard about it without her. I have since given the book to many others.

When you tell a new parent “I found this helpful when my first baby was born” or “I wish I had this when I was starting out,” the gift is far more than a consumer product to go on a shelf. A much-loved item offered to a new parent is a loving embrace in support of their new parenthood.

Cloth Diaper Package

Giving a new mother a full kit of cloth diapers can help her by making the decision to use cloth diapers, and WHICH cloth diapers to use, much easier. Once the diapers are there, clean and tucked away near the changing table, she is more likely to choose cloth diapers for her baby.

AppleCheeks Pocket Diaper Packages

Bummis cloth diaper package

If I were to start over, I would use just the simplest cloth diapers for my children, but a lot of parents are attracted to the familiarity of shaped diapers. For a wonderful new mother gift, consider a full set of pocket diapers with enough inserts for three days.

The AppleCheeks full-time cloth diaper package includes enough diapers and covers for 36 diaper changes.

12 AppleCheeks Envelope Covers
36 hemp inserts
2 Storage Sacs
10 Bamboo Wipes
2 Hemp Boosters

Bummis Organic Cloth Diaper Packages

Bummis organic cloth diaper kit

For those who have expressed concern about environmental impact of diapering, a full set of organic prefolds would be a perfect new mother gift.

The Bummis complete diaper package includes enough diapers for 24 diaper changes, and the kit comes with a complete guide including care, washing instructions, and folding techniques.

24 unbleached organic cotton prefolds
6 cloth diaper covers
3 packages diaper lines
5 reusable stay dry cloth diaper liners
1 wet bag
1 sample of Dimpleskins Bum Bum Balm
1 Snappi cloth diaper fastener

Diaper Service

Another great way to ease a new mother into cloth diapers is to give her diaper service for a couple of months. Once she sees how easy cloth diapers are to use, she may even want to explore options and start washing her own at home.

Of all of the baby tools you have tried, what do you wish you had when you were a new mother just starting out? What cloth diaper accessories or brands did you find most helpful? When you are looking for the best new mother gift, look at your own experience and offer the new mother your best advice through your gift.

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2 thoughts on “New Mother Gifts: Cloth Diaper Packages”

  1. When I was having my baby shower, I didn’t know that there would be one of my guests that will give me a gift that’s not in my registry and I was actually surprised because that gift she give means a lot to me when my baby was born and it truly helps me.

  2. Cloth diaper was introduced by my friend who currently working in the babies clinic and it helps me a lot when my first baby was born.


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