New Mother Gifts: Breastfeeding Support

Nursing Bra Tank Top

For a new mother, I find the best gifts are those have been helpful or meaningful to the giver. When you tell a new parent “I found this helpful when my first baby was born” or “I wish I had this when I was starting out,” the gift is far more than a consumer product to go on a shelf. A much-loved item offered to a new parent is a loving embrace in support of their new parenthood.

To breastfeed, a new mother needs nothing more than what she already has, though some guidance can be helpful. Still, a few tools can make breastfeeding easier.

Keeping It Mobile

For many of the same reasons that a baby carrier helps a first-time mother to maintain her active lifestyle, nursing clothing can help a new mother feel confident about breastfeeding in public so that she won’t hesitate to go out and about.

Nursing Bra Tank Top

Our Glamourmom Nursing Bra Tank (shown above) makes it easy for a mother to unhook, fold down and feed the baby without exposing herself to anyone but the one who counts. The tank top comes in a range of colours and sizes. It goes great under other shirts and blouses, but it is also stylist enough to be worn on its own. This is a great basic shirt for a new mother.

Keeping It Flowing

Ideally, breastfeeding will go well for every mother. I don’t know of anyone who had an ideal situation at all times, though. Most mothers need support at some time. Natural support is the best support.

Breastfeeding Support Kit

Natural Breastfeeding Support Kit

Earth Mama Angel Baby have put together a Breastfeeding Support Kit that can

  • increase milk production – Milkmaid Tea is 100% herbal tea
  • ease discomfort – Booby Tubes are long, cotton tubes filled with flax seeds that can be heated or frozen to provide relief
  • soothe dryness – Natural Nipple Butter is organic butters and herbs designed to soothe skin
  • relieve engorgement – Bosom Buddies can be filled with a blend of herbs to make a soothing poutice

Keeping Track

For the most part, a breastfeeding baby will tell her mother when she is ready to eat. Sometimes, though, you might want to track feeding or even how many glasses of water a mother drinks, since she’ll be drinking a lot more than she has been used to before breastfeeding.

Nursing Bracelet

Nursing Bracelet

The Nursing Bracelet is a bangle bracelet with a glass bead representing every 15 minutes over a 12-hour period. The bracelet comes with one charm but an optional second charm can be added to track more than one purpose. The bracelet comes in several great colours. She’ll be happy to wear the bracelet as jewelry.

When you are looking for the best new mother gift, look at your own experience and offer the new mother your best advice through your gift. See our suggestions for cloth diaper packages or baby carriers as gifts for new mothers.

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