Safe Baby Toys? Just Avoid Plastics

This Sunday, 60 Minutes will run a segment on phthalates, the plastic softeners that are, according to CBS, “ubiquitous.” Soft plastics may be in many places, but they are not in all places any more than disposable diapers are in every home. Parents can and do choose natural, chemical-free products for the health of their babies. … Read more

Safe Cosmetics for Pregnancy and Baby

Do you know which cosmetics are safe during pregnancy? Do you know which skin care products are safe for your baby? What you don’t know can hurt you and your baby. When I was reading materials for my post last week on Mother-made Baby Care Cosmetics, I found a fascinating statement. All Earth Mama Angel Baby products … Read more

Mother-made Baby Carriers

Many of the best-known baby carriers were created by mothers who still own and run the companies. This week we focus on mother inventors. Maya Wrap Susan Gmeiner first created a sling when she was a first-time mother trying to get things done while keeping her baby close. She preferred the adaptability of a ring sling. … Read more