Mother-made Cloth Diapers

Many of the cloth diaper brands that have become familiar were created by mothers who still own and run the companies. This week we focus on mother inventors. Bummis Betsy Thomas is a mother of three. She was one of three mothers who started Bummis in 1988 as a “kitchen table business.” They cloth diapered their … Read more

Blog to Inspire: The Bliss of Breastfeeding

This following post was an entry in our Blog to Inspire contest. The opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and not necessarily those of Eco Baby Steps or Parenting By Nature. Blog to Inspire entrant Dagmar’s momsense is Dagmar Bleasdale, grew up in Germany then moved to Los Angeles. Now, she lives in Westchester, … Read more

Why Cloth Diapers Video Challenge

Why Cloth Diapers? That is the question for you! has issued a challenge to cloth-diaper loving aspiring filmmakers: make a video telling the world why cloth diapers rock. Address at least one of the big cloth diaper themes. Cloth Diapers as an Environmentally Friendly choice Cloth Diapers as an Economical choice Cloth Diapers as an Easy to … Read more