Who Is Saying NO to Plastic?

Shifting Costs Back and Forth Externalizing costs is a clever strategy. When business off-loads cost of dumping waste or cleaning up the environment or treating medical conditions caused by their toxic stew, they have successfully externalized costs in order to realize greater profit. Nice strategy, eh? Efforts to encourage lower impact products or just a … Read more

Beyond the Era of Stuff and Waste

Once upon a time, even in my lifetime, plastics were the future—the former and temporary future. In the film The Graduate, the main character, Ben Braddock (Dustin Hoffman), graduates from college and returns to his parents’ house for a celebration. His parents’ friends are interested in asking him—and telling him—about his future. One of these friends, … Read more

Cool Summer Foods

Cool foods can be such a refreshing treat in the heat of summer. We often think of cool sweets—or cool almost sweets like frozen juice pops or smoothies. (See my recipes for intense purple, orange, and green smoothies.) If you are going out for the day, how about leaving drinks in the freezer for an hour or two before you … Read more

Happy Birthday, Sun! Now Go Sit in the Shade.

The longest day of the year is a good time to consider sun protection for children. Being a sun-worshipper doesn’t have to mean that you and your children are looking for sun damage. A few sun protection tips can help keep the family healthy. Teach Healthy Sun Habits My mother made sure I understood the … Read more

Hold Me, Daddy

What is the most likely cloth diaper for a father to reach for? How do fathers approach diapering in general? When Nature Mom asked for help determining what Dad’s approach to cloth diapering, one tweeting father wrote, “What do you mean what’s my approach? Why should it be any different than a woman’s approach?” Well, thank you … Read more