Ditching Synthetics in Diapering

Are you thinking of ditching synthetics in diapering? Some of our customers are only familiar with polyester diapering options. If you are considering cool wool options for summer, you may be ready to use all natural cloth diapers. Natural fiber diapers don’t hold on to smells like synthetics can, and you don’t need to be as … Read more

Bummis Prints Are Too Hot to Cover Up

Too hot for clothes? If all your baby is wearing this summer is a diaper, make it count. Have you baby wear a bold and beautiful diaper cover that looks stylish on its own. One company does great prints better than any other: Bummis. Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Bummis took the tough Super Whisper Wrap … Read more

Keep Your Breastfeeding Cool

Summer is hot enough. When you are carrying around the extra weight of warm milk for baby, it takes some effort to keep your breastfeeding cool. The one summer breastfeeding accessory that I recommend is a good, supportive nursing tank top. I like the Bravado Nursing Tank. Support. A shelf that creates one horizontal boob blog will … Read more