Baby Swim Diaper in a Public Pool

Baby Swim Diaper

Free Swimmis swim diaper

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Can Swimmi swim diapers be used in a public pool setting?

Yes! If your public pool won’t allow a reusable swim diaper, we would love the opportunity to challenge their thinking. Many public pools are under the assumption that a disposable swim diaper is more absorbent or hygienic than a reusable swim diaper because the absorbency is “built-in.” Many are unaware, however, of how the absorbency of a disposable diaper actually works.

A disposable swim diaper instantly absorbs liquid, which means the moment your baby or child goes in the pool, the diaper will quickly reach its maximum absorbency level. Have you ever seen a toddler with a disposable swim diaper come out of the pool and walk around? The diaper almost always looks soggy, droopy and hanging lower than when the diaper was put on dry. As soon as a disposable swim diaper is wet it becomes LESS effective at containing waste!

If your public pool is under the assumption that a disposable product is better for their environment, ask them where they think the waste and urine will go as soon as a baby or child is put in the pool. Chances are, they haven’t actually considered this. A simple experiment using a disposable swim diaper immersed in water will show how quickly it “fills” with water and becomes ineffective.

We won’t even mention the chemical gels that are used inside disposable swim diapers, causing the massive absorption rates. We’re actually surprised public pools don’t insist on reusable swim diapers. Who wants to be swimming around with that?!?

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