Keep Your Breastfeeding Cool

Bravado Nursing Tank

Summer is hot enough. When you are carrying around the extra weight of warm milk for baby, it takes some effort to keep your breastfeeding cool.

The one summer breastfeeding accessory that I recommend is a good, supportive nursing tank top. I like the Bravado Nursing Tank.

Bravado Nursing Tank Top

Support. A shelf that creates one horizontal boob blog will not do, especially in the summer when lifting and separating is not just for aesthetics but very important to staying cool. The Bravado Nursing Tank has a double-molded, full-support bra built in.

No extra layers. A nursing tank that can be worn by itself without extra layers is essential in the heat. No sleeves need apply.

Flattering. You aren’t breastfeeding every minute of the day (though, yes, it can seem so at times). You want a top that looks great on you even when you have no baby attached. The Bravado Nursing Tank is fitted on top without hugging you around the middle.

Colors. You don’t need to be stuck with white and cream. The Bravado Tank comes in white, black, chocolate, and passionate pink.

Cool Bonus

If you do find that your breasts are just too hot in the summer, you can use the old cure for engorgement just to cool down. Put a cold cabbage leaf inside your bra next to your skin, and the relief can be immediate.

Booby Tubes

You can also use products made to help you cool down, like the Earth Mama Booby Tube. This is a long tube of organic cotton filled with flax seeds. If you freeze this, it will hold the cool a lot longer than a cabbage leaf.

If you are wearing the beautiful, fitted tank top, probably neither cooling remedy will look great, though a giant spiral on one side might call more attention than a cabbage leaf peeking out the top of your shirt. Still, when you need relief, how you look is probably not a priority.

Stay cool while breastfeeding this summer.

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