Summer Diaper Pail Smell

Antibacterial diaper pail liner

It’s hot. Anything that is generally moist becomes even more generally stinky in the summer, even the cloth diaper pail. Now is the right time to take simple actions to get rid of diaper pail smell.

Dump the poop. It helps if you empty a full diaper all of the time so you have less to do when you empty the diaper pail into the washer, but it is especially important if you have a problem with smell to dump the stinkest messes in the toilet before the diaper goes in the pail.

Leave the lid off. This may seem counter intuitive, but I find there is less smell from an open diaper pail than from a pail with a closed lid. I put my pail next to a screened door in the summer, and I didn’t have a problem. If you have a curious toddler and a pail that can be reached, don’t try this.

Natural odor control. Add ½ cup of baking soda or a few drops of tea tree oil. I prefer not to put essential oils or even baking soda directly onto the diapers, so I put them on a cloth or a diaper wipe and toss into the pail as a natural odor absorber (baking soda) or mask (oils). Bonus, some essential oils are antibacterial, antifungal, and generally anti-nasty.

Wash daily. If you do a small load of wash every morning, so you catch that first morning diaper, you will have less smell.

Sun the Pail. Let the empty pail sit in the direct sun while you wash diapers. Use the power of the sun to bleach, bake, and eliminate any lingering odor.

Bamboo Charcoal Diaper Pail Deodorizer.

Bamboo charcoal diaper pail deodorizer

This bamboo charcoal has more surface area than regular charcoal deodorizers. Because of the way moso bamboo grows, millions of tiny holes are created as the plant matures and becomes more dense, a process taking approximately five years. The tiny holes created during growth ultimately give the resulting bamboo charcoal its revolutionary abilities as both a deodorizer and dehumidifier. With proper care, the bamboo charcoal deodorizer can last up to one year.

Kissaluvs Antibacterial Diaper Pail Liner.

Antibacterial diaper pail liner

Kissaluvs’ new diaper pail liner provides non- wicking, bacteria-free and odor-control storage. The polyurethane laminated fabric is treated with SILVERPLUS®, an antimicrobial effect that is Okeo-Tex Standard 100 compliant. According to the manufacturer, silver ions are embedded in the fabric in way that a resistant-to-washing and dry-cleaning to protect against the spread of bacteria and to form a reservoir to counteract odor.

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