Questing with Kids

Treasure hunting, orienteering, puzzle solving, and building community. That’s questing. What a great way to create engaging & educational summer activities for children. As I’ve been looking for summer activities that can spark a child’s imagination and turn into a child-lead summer project, my model has been the wonderful children’s summer activity book Weslandia. Mapmaking close to … Read more

Summer Activities for Toddlers

Are your children looking for activities. I’m tempted to just say, leave space to find their own adventures. One of my favorite books for children is Weslandia. Wesley, the protagonist, needs a summer activity. What to do? He lets things happen. He lets a weed happen, and he creates a civilization around it. If you need a … Read more

Camping with Cloth Diapers

If you are going camping with your baby, you may be wondering about the logistics of diapering. Yes, you can use cloth diapers while camping! Many parents are willing to share their experience to help you succeed. Steps to your cloth diaper camping success include WHAT to take, HOW to wash, and what to do if … Read more