Garden Fresh Snacks for Children

If you planted a garden with your child earlier this year, she’s probably been eager to sample the results. Now is the season for fresh garden snacks with children. Eat It Fresh and Raw Fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the garden can be such an intense taste experience that they become lifelong memories. I … Read more

Back to School Supply Lists

For the past month, every store I’ve been in that sells any kind of school supplies has a prominent display of supply lists for every grade. I would just think this is another marketing opportunity for the stores themselves, but my friends tell me that they have surprisingly long school supply lists from their children’s … Read more

Helping a Young Child When an Older Sibling Goes to School

Whether your child is just going back to school or going to school for the first time, the sudden departure of an older sibling can be disconcerting to a younger child. Just prepare the child as best you can, and expect a period of transition. Make sure the younger child understands what is going to happen and when, though … Read more