Packing Your Waste-free Lunch Box

If you are preparing to pack a reusable lunch box because your child’s school requires waste-free lunch boxes or just because a litterless lunch is the responsible thing to do, you need to know the range of your options. At the Kids’ division of we’ve stocked up reusable school lunch products for you. Reusable Lunch Boxes and Bags … Read more

Trends in Schools: Waste-free School Lunch

Watching children scrap perfectly good food off a tray into a garbage bin is alarming. On Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, the piles of wasted food and half-used packaging—even unopened, packaged food—hauled away after school lunch was the most shocking part of a very shocking series. School lunch waste is preventable, but it requires changing thinking and … Read more

Trends in Cloth Diapering: Rockin’ Green Soap

In washing cloth diapers, much depends on your water and its interaction with your detergent. Stinky diapers? Detergent is a likely culprit. If you have hard water, you probably know it. Nature Mom’s water is so hard that it’s ruining her taps and drains. Her dishes are spotty, and her clothes are dingy. (I’m wondering … Read more

Trends in Babywearing: Asian Baby Carriers

Pods and Onbus. Have you heard of them but wondered what kind of baby carriers these are? Podaegi and Onbuhimo are traditional Asian baby carriers. There are more Asian baby carriers becoming popular in North America along with traditional styles of babywearing from Asia. These carriers share a basic structure of rectangle of fabric with … Read more