Fall Feels Like a New Year

Fall changes

Fall feels like a new year. It’s getting harder to leave the windows open at night. I don’t mind a cold night under a down comforter. I love that feeling, but it’s more difficult to convince my children that a cool night is a good thing. I have no flowers left in the garden, just tomatoes, peppers, and pumpkins. It’s harvest. It’s the beginning of the school year with new clothes and new activities. There is no denying change in the air.

Fall feels like a better time for making life changes than in the middle of the holiday (and inventory!) season on January 1st.

If your children have or even just one of your children has gone to school, this could be a great time for you to assess your own routine and make adjustments that will work better for you. Do you need more time alone? (Who doesn’t?) Do you want to work out? Does the dog need more walks every day? Do you need to clean out the children’s clothing drawers of summer clothes or clothes that no longer fit?

Make a list of everything you have been tolerating. Don’t judge the list, just write and write until you can come up with nothing more.

Then, take care of one item. Just one. Do whatever it takes to remove this so you no longer have to tolerate it.

Then, take care of one more.

The rest, come back to them later, but let this time of changes all around you sweep you into action so you no longer have to tolerate stuff and habits that have become habitual. Let Fall be a time to create the life and surroundings you need.

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