I Resolve to Change with the Season

Winter clothes line

Following up on the idea that fall feels like a new year, I asked Naturemom if she has any changes she is making this season. I think you may find her outside in the near future in the garden and with the clothes line.

Garden Plan

Naturemom says this is the year to get her garden ready for spring. She moved three years ago. Business and baby meant that she was short on time and energy for her garden, but she’s ready now. She’s motivated by the desire for her family to grow and eat their own fresh vegetables next year.

I Resolve to start planning for it now, or I know the best planting season will pass me by in the spring and it will be June again before I get to any serious gardening.

Winter Clothes Line

This summer Naturemom has been using a new clothes line, and this will be her first fall and winter. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can only dry clothes outside when it’s warm. Cold dry works wonders.

Though her youngest is nearly out of diapers (this does happen!), she made a point of saying that she would absolutely use a clothes line in winter for cloth diaper laundry. She encourages other parents to try this because of how great the sun and cold is for keeping diapers clean.

I Resolve to use our clothes line until the snow falls, and even give it a whirl a few times this winter (no promises on how often this will happen, though! I’m not a fan of the cold).

How about you? Any resolutions for changes you intend to make with the changing of the seasons?

Image © Denise Campione | Dreamstime.com

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