Best Baby Carrier for Cool Weather

Moby Wrap Chocolate

With a nip in the air, baby needs more than a T-shirt and a diaper to go out. I have two suggestions for the best baby carrier to keep you and your baby warm enough in cool fall weather.

Moby Wrap Keeps Baby Warm

Start with a baby carrier that holds your baby snugly without a lot of open spaces for cool winds to whip in. A wraparound baby carrier keeps a baby well covered. The same characteristics of a baby wrap that might make you hesitate in the summer make this a good choice in cooler weather.

Of all of the wrap carriers, I choose Moby Wrap as the cool weather baby carrier of choice because it is made from a heavier cotton interlock than the soft Cuddly Wrap. It gives a bit more warmth and a bit sturdier support when you use it with a bigger baby or toddler.

Dress Your Baby Warmly

Second, dress your baby with long pants and long sleeves, but don’t add a coat. Your baby probably won’t need shoes, but you may find that it helps to use Baby Legs leg warmers since a chid’s pants can ride up while in a baby carrier.

Do You Need a Special Babywearing Coat?

For fall, when it’s just a bit cooler and you don’t have snow to deal with yet (sorry to bring it up), you shouldn’t need to change much about the comfortable babywearing habits you developed over the summer. You probably don’t need any new gear.

You may find that you can fit your maternity coat around you both while babywearing. I always swiped my husband’s coat to cover baby and me. This will work when it’s just a bit cold, but it is not an elegant cold weather solution. If you have a favorite soft pack carrier or mei tai carrier, you can easily adapt to cold weather with a slightly bigger coat than you would normally wear—IF you use a front carry.

If you and your baby prefer back carry, the Peekaru fleece vest covers you both and lets your baby still see the world through a peek-hole in the back of the vest.

Peekaru babywearing vest

Minor adjustments should keep you and your baby warm while babywearing through the fall. Keep warm!

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