Celebrate Handmade Children’s Products – Pledge to Buy Handmade

Baby teething organic toy

In the U.S., next week is American Craft Week, a celebration of the stunning variety of handmade objects made by skilled craftspeople.

For those whose business is crafting handmade children’s products, the future is still uncertain as it isn’t quite clear how the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission will interpret the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act). Members of the Handmade Toy Alliance are working hard every day “to save small batch producers of children’s products from the CPSIA.”

For Canadian manufacturers and retailers, we still need to be well aware of this law as long as we sell products across the border.

To show our support for small businesses who make safe, beautiful, natural toys and other products for babies and children, we want to thank the Handmade Toy Alliance and ask our readers to consider taking the pledge to buy at least one handmade product this year.

Ringley Natural Toys
Handmade in Toronto, Ontario, to ASTM toy safety standards with certified organic cotton.

Ringley Ball natural baby toy

Organic Cotton Rabbit Rattle
Made from 100% Certified Organic USA Cotton and stuffed with 100% Eco-Lamb’s Wool stuffing (sourced in Canada!), each organic rabbit baby toy is made in Victoria, British Columbia, by Dress Me Up.

Organic Rabbit Rattle by babies

Organic Cotton Toy Blocks
Made in Victoria, British Columbia, by Dress Me Up.

Organic cotton baby blocks

Organic Cotton Toy Ball
Handmade in Victoria, British Columbia, by Dress Me Up.

Organic Teething Bon Bon
Handmade in Victoria, British Columbia, by Dress Me Up.

Teething bon bon toy

Wool Changing Pads
Pure, felted, Un-dyed, untreated, unprocessed wool. These wool puddle pads are individually hand-made and hand-felted right here in Canada.

Hand felted wool changing pad

Heirloom Rattles
Handcrafted with love by a family in their home workshop in Southern Ontario. To bring out the gorgeous colour of the woods, each rattle is finished with certified organic flax seed oil.

Handmade wooden baby rattle

Handmade in the United States from bynature.ca

Wooden Teething Rings
100% natural unfinished maple wood. Handmade in Vermont.

Natural wood baby teething toy

Wooden Egg Shaker
Handmade in Ohio with pure maple wood, filled with dried beans.

Wooden egg shaker

Natural Wooden Pull Truck
Hand crafted from solid maple in Vermont.

Wooden truck roll toy

Natural Wooden Pull Elephant
Made from solid, unfinished maple with engraved detailing. Handcrafted in Vermont.

Elephant wooden roll toy

Natural Bead Rattle
Unfinished wood – no paint, dyes, stains or treatments. Handmade in Vermont.

Wooden bead rattle
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