Colic: Remedies the Lazy Way

Inconsolable baby. Frazzled parent. Colic can be an overwhelming time for families. There are not only remedies for colic but ways of lessening the crying associated with colic through babywearing. If I hadn’t witnessed colic in a friend’s baby and seen the devastating effect it had on her family, I wouldn’t begin to understand. I … Read more

What Is Kangaroo Care?

Kangaroo care of infants involves a parent, usually the mother, holding the baby skin-to-skin on her bare chest. The steady warmth, easy access to breastfeeding, and simple, physical closeness benefit parent and baby. All babies benefit from closeness to a parent, and premature babies need the most help. Kangaroo Care Helps Baby Regulate Systems Among … Read more

Homemade Baby Food

With homemade baby food you save money and provide the freshest, healthiest foods when you introduce your baby to solid food. Making your own baby food is so fast and easy! All you need is a simple grinder and many of the same fresh foods that you eat. Readiness for Solid Food Most professional medical … Read more

Raising Thankful Children

When I see my children in unguarded moments thanking one another for the help or kindness they give one another, I am incredibly grateful myself to be able to live in a positive environment where the people most important to me genuinely care for one another. I didn’t actually witness the specific moment I am … Read more