Trends in Wood Toys

This year I’m seeing a trend in wooden toys: an emphasis on sustainably harvested wood and non-toxic finishes to make the toys completely safe for children. We’re very impressed with two companies whose products we’ve begun to carry recently: Tegu magnetic wooden blocks and Anamalz posable wooden animal figures. Tegu Tegu are magnetic blocks made from eco-friendly wood … Read more

End of Harvest

Snow has finally ended the growing season. I like to put as much food on the holiday table as possible from our own garden. This year, we had an odd assortment of successes. We used all of the tomatoes as we harvested them, so there will be no Thanksgiving salsa. We only had one pumpkin … Read more

Importance of Family Meals

The average family mealtime lasts only 20 minutes, but that time spent together builds a foundation for a child’s health and well being. Benefits range from nutrition to language, culture, and even mental health. Who wouldn’t want to set their children up for less likelihood of substance abuse, greater vocabulary, fewer behavior problems, less likelihood of … Read more

Compare Baby Carriers – Soft Structured

Adding a few buckles and snaps to a Mei Tai, with some extra padding and structure, will give you a soft-pack or “buckle” baby carrier. Soft structured baby carriers include the popular Ergo Baby Carrier, a favorite for Dad, as well as the hip-carrying baby carriers that are gaining in popularity for toddlers and older … Read more