Trends in Baby Clothes – Warm Legs!

Babylegs Child Socks

The trend I’m seeing in baby clothes, not necessarily a trend of this year alone but definitely reaching a peak, is leg warmers. Baby leg warmers started out simply, and now there is an explosion of colors, patterns, and styles. BabyLegs can cover every member of the family for a variety of purposes, and Baby Spats are made to cover a baby or toddlers ankles during cold, Canadian winters.


BabyLegs socks for babies

BabyLegs were created by a mother who needed to find a way to let her baby’s diaper rash heal with fresh air but still keep her legs warm. She needed a cover for her daughter’s legs, so she cut the toes off a pair of socks and her daughter began wearing leg warmers.

BabyLegs give great protection as babies crawl and leg warmth when you don’t want to cover them bottom to toes in one piece. Using BabyLegs means diaper changes are not so cold, since the baby’s legs stay warm. For bigger kids, BabyLegs are fashionable as well as warm. No more cold knees under shorts or dresses.

During the winter, BabyLegs make an ideal warm layer under pants since they don’t add more bulk on feet and bottom.

So easy to use for the whole family!

Origin: Made in China under fair working conditions by a U.S. company
Age: newborn to preteen for legs, up to adults for arms
Materials: cotton/polyester blends with spandex for stretch. Original is 80% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 5% Spandex; Organic is 80% Organic Cotton, 12% Nylon, 8% Spandex; and Cool! is 80% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 5% Spandex.
Available: Original and Organic BabyLegs in stock now

BabyLegs for the whole family

Baby Spats

Baby Spats Leg Warmers

You know that spot on your baby’s legs, right there between the pants riding up and the socks scrunching down, that spot on those chubby little legs that gets so icy cold in the winter before you realize your baby’s legs are bare. Baby Spats are made for that spot. Baby Spats keep your baby’s ankles covered and warm during the winter.

Baby Spats are made with stretchy microfleece that snaps over legs so you don’t have to take boots on and off just to cover legs. Very convenient, very warm. You’ll love these for cold winters.

Origin: Made in Canada under fair labour conditions by a mother-run company
Age: 6 months to 3+ years
Materials: polyester microfleece with plastic snaps
Available: Jade/Black and Sage/Black Baby Spats ankle warmers, fully reversible

Baby Spats leg warmers
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