BPA-free Gifts

Klean Kanteen BPA-free baby bottle

BPA, or bisphenol A, has been in the news again since October, when the Canadian Ministers of Environment and Health added the chemical to the schedule of toxic substances. The concerns about this endocrine-disrupting substance are broad, but great efforts should be made to limit exposure in babies to avoid developmental and reproductive disorders linked to BPA. Parents need to be particularly aware of BPA in baby bottles, water bottles, and in food storage containers.

If you are considering baby bottles, water bottles or other feeding gifts for a child this holiday season, you can avoid the issues by giving BPA-free gifts.

Glass baby bottles

Glass Baby Bottles

Size: 2 bottles (250 mL/8.5 oz)
Material: Glass with variable-flow silicone nipple (non-leaching & non-toxic)
Origin: Made in France under strict EU (European Union) safety guidelines

Klean Kanteen sippy cup

Klean Kanteen sippy cups

Size: 7 1/4″ tall, holds 12 oz of liquid (355 mL)
Material: stainless steel with an adaptor and 2 Avent NO-SPILL sippy spouts (both made of non-leaching polypropylene)

SIGG water bottles for children

SIGG water bottles with Kidz Grip Handles

Size: 10.2 oz (300 mL)
Material: aluminum, internal coating is a baked-on enamel finish
Origin: developed and manufactured in Switzerland

See more plastic-free feeding and sleeping products as well as plastic-free toys. Research on harmful industrial chemicals can be alarming, but parents have a lot of alternatives and real changes they can make to help their children avoid exposure.

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