Giving Cloth Diapers as a Holiday Gift

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Recently, I attended a local meeting of a cloth diaper support group with about 40 adults present. Everyone got a ticket for a giveaway of a huge cloth diaper package. I was listening closely to comments and watching people’s faces. I could tell that several people really needed these diapers.

Especially when the economy hits families so hard, sometimes the best gift you can give is what a person really needs. New parents need diapers. Give a gift that will save new parents money.

Tips for Giving a Cloth Diaper Holiday Gift

  • Make sure it’s a gift not a judgment.
  • Include a note about your experience and how you want to share that experience.
  • Include a coupon good for your guidance in how to use and how to clean cloth diapers.
  • Include written washing instructions.
  • Include a sample of a detergent that is formulated for cloth diapers, like Rockin’ Green.

Cloth Diaper Packages Make Giving Easy

Save yourself time by giving a cloth diaper package.

For the Cloth Diaper Pragmatist

Bummis prefold cloth diaper package

If you are giving cloth diapers to someone who just wants tried and true solutions that work, consider the Bummis Complete Cloth Diaper Kit with organic cotton prefolds. The kit comes in two sizes, 8-15lbs and 15-30lbs, and each kit contains everything the cloth diapering parent will need, including a Fabulous Wet Bag and care, washing, and folding instructions. This is the complete package.

Origin: Made in Canada
Materials: Organic cotton diapers and polyester diaper covers

For the Cloth Diaper Explorer

Cloth Diaper Sampler Package

If you are giving a gift to someone who has been curious about a variety of cloth diapers, consider the Cloth Diaper Trial Kit with pocket diapers, fitted diaper & cover, and prefolds in different brands. This is a nice way to give a chance to try out different diapers before making a commitment to any one style or brand. We will ship this package free to Canadian addresses just to provide the chance to compare cloth diapers.

Origin: mixed
Materials: organic cotton, hemp/cotton, microfiber, polyester

The holidays may be a time when we think of ugly sweaters and fruitcakes, but you can also look at the real needs of the people around you and make your contribution to meeting those needs.

Happy Holidays!

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