Building Daddy Confidence with Infants

Grocery shopping with a baby is a great way to build Daddy confidence. On Saturday my husband saw two female friends who recently had babies. Both of them had left their children at home with the fathers, very happy to have a day’s vacation. From the brief conversations he had with them, they seemed giddy. … Read more

Vitamin D During Pregnancy

Vitamin D is a building block in repair and maintenance of the body. Because of its role in building the body of a developing fetus, it is particularly important for every pregnant woman to eat vitamin D-rich foods and even to take a supplement. As research accumulates, it becomes clear that adequate vitamin D during … Read more

Breastfeeding Research in the News

When the British Medical Journal two weeks ago published a review paper, an opinion piece, on the nutritional INadequacy of the World Health Organization’s recommendation that infants exclusively breastfeed for six month, a wave of media coverage followed. As often happens, the adequacy of the publication was of less importance in media coverage than the potential … Read more

Time to Sign Up for a CSA

Late January is the time of the year when CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) open to seasonal subscriptions. I’ve noticed several farms I follow sent their notifications last week. You could wait until April and hope for the best, but many farms have limited shares available, and they can go quickly with popular farms. If you … Read more