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Winter vegetables

Late January is the time of the year when CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) open to seasonal subscriptions. I’ve noticed several farms I follow sent their notifications last week. You could wait until April and hope for the best, but many farms have limited shares available, and they can go quickly with popular farms.

If you are planning to eat more local foods in the coming year, signing up with a CSA is a great way to eat local, seasonal foods.

Why does sign up start so early? This is a slower time of year for most farmers, so they have more time to focus on marketing. This is also the time to plan for planting. Getting your payment early in the season helps cash flow as farmers place their orders for equipment, seeds, and everything they need for the upcoming season.

If you have a favorite CSA or local food resources, be sure to tell your friends and neighbors so they can enjoy the local harvest as well.

CSA Directories

Local Harvest CSA Directory (U.S.)
Organic Consumers Home Delivery Directory (U.S., Canada, & International)
CSA Listing (U.S. & International)
Ontario CSA Directory (Ontario only)

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