Simple Valentine Notes of Gratitude

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If your child is going to be writing Valentine’s Day cards anyway, why not take the opportunity to teach the habit of writing thank-you notes. Valentines can become simple notes of gratitude that make sender and receiver feel good.

Tips for Thank You Notes with Children

  • Don’t use pre-printed cards. Have your child cut out and decorate her own notes. Have colored paper, scissors, markers, and pens on hand.
  • Add drawings. If your child isn’t old enough to write yet, a personalized drawing can be enough for a simple thank you. Even if your child does write, a drawing makes a nice addition.
  • Be specific. If your child does write, help him think of specific reasons he is grateful for each friend. “Thank you for being my friend” is a great thought, and any friend would be glad to get such a note. It helps a child connect with the value of friendship to be even more specific with a note like “Thank you for sharing your favorite story” or “I like the funny jokes you tell me.”
  • Make writing a pleasure. Avoid frustration and confusion by making sure your child understands how the cards will be used and what is expected. Keep it fun.

Valentines that tell friends how much they mean to us can spread a little happiness.

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