High Standards: Ethics

EthicsTo recognize the companies that choose to go above and beyond, look for our Ethics standard. These companies exceed our safety and environmental standards, as well as commit to responsible, respectful fair labour, and human rights practices. These companies may also make an outstanding effort to give back to both local and extended communities. Their … Read more

High Standards: Educational

EducationalWe offer a quality selection of educational toys to capture your child’s imagination and enhance intellectual growth. Our learning toys, puzzles or books encourage your child’s curiosity, discovery, and creativity. Equally important, our toy selection must also be non-toxic and safe for our children. Every time we answer a child’s questions or feed her curiosity, … Read more

High Standards: Positive Development

As parents, we are creating social, physical, and psychological patterns for our children as they develop. They will certainly be themselves and go in their own directions as they grow up, but they often build on the patterns we create. At bynature.ca, we are committed to the positive, gentle approach of attachment parenting. We freely … Read more

High Standards: Handmade

HandmadeProducts made by hand offer a quality, skill and craftsmanship that is absent in the world of large-scale manufacturing. Purchasing the handmade work of skilled artisans helps to grow and nourish the families and communities where these products are loving created, and ensures our ties to the local and human sources of our goods is … Read more

High Standards: Sustainable

SustainableA healthy planet ensures the future health of our children. While every product we carry is non-toxic, many are also made in whole or in part with recycled (or recyclable) parts and/or components, derived from sustainably harvested forests and may be biodegradable. Most importantly, we prefer products that are reusable first, replacing use-and-toss items. No … Read more