A Month of Green Birthdays

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Just like you, I try to lower the environmental impact of my family, including our celebrations. I’ve been so excited about all of the reusable birthday party supplies in the Green Celebrations department of bynature.ca that I spent a whole month writing about it. March (and a bit of April) has been a month of birthdays.

Birthday Party Themes

The first step in planning a birthday party is the theme. It is the structure that we use to hold it all together. My advice through every age is to work with your child’s specific interests and build on those to make a fun party for all.

Baby birthday party

For 1-year olds – 1st Birthday Themes for Babies

Toddler at his birthday party

For 2- to 4-year olds – Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

Young boy dressed as a pirate

For 4- to 8-year olds – Birthday Party Themes for the Imaginative Young Child

Children on rock climbing wall

For 8- to 12-year olds – Older Children Provide Their Own Birthday Party Ideas

Teenager on trapeze

For teens – Birthday Party Workshops for Teens

We have a lot of great party supplies and birthday decorations. I highlighted a few and told a bit of the history beyond the traditions. I thought I would cover a lot more about birthday traditions, but it turns out that many of those party traditions we have all participated in since we were children ourselves aren’t quite as interesting as I had hoped. Believe me, you should be relieved that I didn’t end up writing about birthday candles.

Waldorf birthday ring

Waldorf Birthday Rings

Reusable birthday party hat for children

Party Hats

Stories of Real Birthday Parties

Nature Mom and I have both made our own efforts to lower our party impact. Our success has generally come in raising our children with expectations about celebration more than about stuff. We make their days special with what we do not in what everyone gets (then quickly throws away).

Eco birthday party table

Our Eco Birthday Party by Nature Mom

Gaia Girls Logo

My Daughter’s Eco Super Hero Birthday Party

Eco Birthday Baby Steps

Don’t worry about creating the perfect party. Take the steps you are ready to take, and catch another step for the next party. Taking Eco Baby Steps isn’t about perfection. It’s about the constant process of raising your own and your family’s awareness of how you live.

Child with party favor goodie bag

My Rules of the Eco-friendly Loot Bag

Children petting horses

8 Fun and Free Places to Hold a Birthday Party

Eating first birthday cake

Allergy-free Birthday Cakes

Family birthday with cake

Creative Family Birthday Celebrations

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