High Standards: Made in Canada

Wooden teething necklace made in Canada

Made in Canada
We’re proud to offer Canadian-made products as often as possible. Supporting these businesses promotes the development of our local communities and local schools, while strengthening the Canadian economy.

People near us are creating useful, beautiful products. When we as buyers look at local products first to see if those fill our needs, we support our own communities. In part it is about keeping money in our own communities. Local business people earn more, pay their taxes to support local schools and governments, and build the larger Canadian economy. We support those people in Canada who make natural parenting and natural living products because we know our customers want to buy local like we do.

Community support is about far more than money, though. We can make meaningful connections within our communities. My support and your support and both of us telling those we know about the Canadian products we use brings the stuff of our lives closer to home. We think more about origins and the person-to-person connections that enhance our lives rather than just about getting stuff from anywhere at any cost with no connection to where, how, and why that stuff was produced.

And, of course, there is the issue of environmental impact of shipping and transporting our goods across vast distances.

Whether your reasons are economy, community, or energy, putting local first works. When you fly, you are told to put your own oxygen mask on first. Why? If you don’t, you won’t be able to help others. Enhance the lives of those within your own community first. Then, reach out to others.

Look for popular Canadian brands like Bravado, Dimpleskins, Eucalan, and Bummis. We also carry many products from smaller manufacturers.

Wooden Teething Necklace

Wooden teething necklace made in Canada

We write often about local food from farmer’s markets and CSAs. We’re fascinated by ideas like the 100-mile diet or the 150-mile wardrobe. What about the 50-kilometre teething necklace?

This wooden teething necklace is funky jewelry for mom and safe, non-toxic distraction for baby, since we know they are going to put whatever you have around your neck in their mouth!

Each piece is handcrafted in Muskoka, Ontario, about an hour away from bynature.ca. These beautiful, simple necklaces are made from locally sourced Canadian hard maple and finished with certified organic hempseed oil sourced from a Canadian farm.

This month, we are telling you more about our Safe Family Promise at bynature.ca. To make it easy for you to identify products by their key attributes, look for our standards labels.

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