High Standards: All Natural

Unbleached Indian Prefold Diapers

All Natural
To meet our All Natural standard, products must be 100% natural, made only from pure, natural materials such as cotton, wool, wood, silk or 100% natural ingredients. We only source products without harmful chemicals, formaldehyde finishes and other toxins, but the all-natural label goes a step beyond this ensuring you are purchasing products that contain no synthetic or made-made materials/ingredients.

While we only choose products without harmful chemicals and toxins, we want to recognize those products made only with 100% natural materials. We choose natural materials for a couple of very important reasons.

Natural Materials for Lower Environmental Impact

Natural materials generally don’t externalize costs as often happens with petrochemical-derived products. Those the oil and gas that make our laptop cases or laminated fabrics appear cheap but leave behind shocking social and environmental costs.

The Natural Aesthetic

As we raise our children, we create their context for understanding the world. At bynature.ca, we want to help you teach your children about living nature around them, about the vitality of living things. It makes sense that those who embrace and honor the natural patterns of attachment parenting would also embrace and honor the natural patterns of nature.

Look for natural toys of wood, organic cotton, and natural rubber. Choose cloth diapering products of cotton and wool and plastic-free feeding and sleeping products. Find great products like the Tres Tria natural rubber booster pillow, 100% wool dryer balls, and an amber teething necklace.

100% Organic Cotton Prefold Diapers

All natural diapers organic cotton prefolds

Our Indian cotton prefolds are high quality, very absorbent, and extra soft. Many diapers have been bleached white, which damages the cotton and causes them to wear out sooner. Organic cotton is void of harmful chemicals in the field and in processing.

Prefold diapers are the original one-size diaper. Many of our customers use the one size from infant to potty training—then they continue to use the diapers as incredibly soft rags.

Organic cotton prefolds are the all natural diapering choice.

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