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Tegu wooden toy blocks

A healthy planet ensures the future health of our children. While every product we carry is non-toxic, many are also made in whole or in part with recycled (or recyclable) parts and/or components, derived from sustainably harvested forests and may be biodegradable. Most importantly, we prefer products that are reusable first, replacing use-and-toss items.

No greenwashing!

We look for products made with not just any natural materials but sustainable materials—resources that can be and will be replaced. The oil and gas used to make plastics and other petro-chemical products cannot and will not be replaced. We ask what kind of materials a product is made from and how that material is made. True sustainability also considers the long-term good of the community in which a product is made.

Just because a product claims to be green, doesn’t necessarily mean it meets your standard of sustainability. Opinions can differ when people make their own conscious choices because each of us has different values and priorities. By making our choices transparent, we hope that helps you make choices that work for your family

Look for children’s crayons made from soy wax, cloth diapers made from cotton or hemp and wool, and toys made from sustainably harvested wood.

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks

Sustainable wooden toy blocks

At Tegu, the product followed the desire for a positive social impact. The founders did not start with the idea of wooden blocks. They started by looking for a business that would use an under-used local resource and that could create jobs in Honduras. The beautifully designed wooden blocks followed.

The wood for Tegu blocks is cut by “small-scale woodcutting cooperatives supported by international NGOs focused on sustainable forestry.” Tegu also supports local reforestation efforts. Sustainability is built into the Tegu business model.

Your child probably won’t care about all of this—yet. You child is more likely to be fascinated by the blocks snapping together with the help of magnets. Tegu gives a new twist to an old toy.

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