Old-fashioned Tooth Powder

Since we’ve been experimenting with our own cleaning recipes and since both of my children came whining to me, “Mama, we’re out of toothpaste,” I decided that it was time to work more kitchen magic and create our own tooth powder. Because of questions about skin irritation or diarrhea-causing effects of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)—which is used to … Read more

Teaching Children about Herbs for Health

In the spirit of taking every opportunity for learning, I gave my children a game over the holidays that I knew I intended to use for homeschool lessons: Wildcraft, an Herbal Adventure Game. It’s a cooperative board game that works even for non-readers. Grandma needs huckleberries for a pie, and the players’ job is to work … Read more

Scented Vinegar for Cleaning

If you are considering using simple basic cleaners for your household cleaning, you can easily add a nice smell by infusing with herbs or other aromatics. My children and I have been making and using herbal cleaning solutions as chemistry lessons. Yes, very sneaky! The cleaning is part of the lesson as we figure out which … Read more

Clean Cleaning

Cleaning your house isn’t a mysterious process. If you want to clean your house without adding to your chemical body burden or to the overall environmental impact of your family, what do you do? Do you just buy a bottle that screams, “NATURAL!” You could, but why not just choose the basic ingredients you already … Read more

Baby Diaper pH: An Intro

If you’ve ever burned your nose hairs off with your baby’s morning diaper, would it help to know that you’re smelling ammonia? A short introduction to pH as it relates to baby diapers might help you reduce the stink. pH is measure of whether a solution is acidic or alkaline. When some meany colleagues of … Read more