High Standards: Practical

Child with reusable tissue

We hold our products to the highest standards while also considering the convenience and functionality of each and every one. After much testing by the most worthy individuals (real parents!), these products get a thumbs-up for being the best of the best – practically speaking, of course.

We carry a variety of practical basics: nursing tops that make great everyday shirts, tote bags with compartments for both wet and dry, utensils that are made from easily renewable bamboo and packaged to carry easily, and—one of my all-time favorites—a stainless steel ice cube tray.

Reusable Tissues

Organic reusable tissues

What a concept! A tissue that you use, reuse, wash, and use again. You would think such a practical idea would be common practice. Well, it was, and it will be again.

Our reusable tissues are practical in several ways. They meet many of our Safe Family Promise standards. They replace a common, throwaway household item with a reusable version that works even better.

They are made with cotton that is certified organic and fair trade.

They come with a sturdy, water-resistant cardboard box that puts clean tissues at hand, ready to use, while there is a secret drawer hidden in the back where you can put the used tissues until you are ready to wash. The packaging is so logical that it was seamless to introduce my family to the concept and get them to use the little drawer.

We’ve noticed another bonus to using these tissues: when the children stuff them in their pockets and forget to check pockets before the wash, you don’t end up with little paper wads on all of the dark cloths. You just end up with a clean tissue, ready to reuse.

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