Cheap, Natural Mulch

Mulch, a cover over the surface of your garden, keeps the soil moist, moderates temperature, lessens weed growth, and adds nutrients to soils as it decays. Best of all, you probably have something around your house or yard that you can use as mulch. Mulch can be free. A Few Mulch Choices I like the … Read more

Take a Snail out with a Beer

If you grow lettuce or other greens, you may have noticed that your leaves have been nibbled. You may even have caught the culprits on your plants. Snails and slugs love leaves. What do you do? Salt them? NO! Salt will certainly make them shrivel up and die, but it won’t help your soil. Poison them? … Read more

Healthy Dirt: Importance of a Non-Sterile Environment for Children

Asthma, food allergies, and environmental allergies are on the rise in developed countries. Allergies have gone from 10% of the Western population in 1980 to 30% today. Why? The Hygiene Hypothesis offers us an answer. This medical hypothesis states that a lack of early childhood exposure to germs has meant a rise in allergies and suppressed immune … Read more