Party for a Change

If you want to help those around you remove toxic substances from their lives, you don’t have to have a heavy conversation or make an inspiring speech. Lighten it up. Throw a party and make it fun for your friends to learn about green cleaning. Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE) is a great nonprofit that focuses on a … Read more

Communicate to Inspire Change

Last week I wrote about teaching children about eco-friendly living and about how to share your life changes with those around you. I want to share with you one of the people who has been trying to help those concerned with sustainability to inspire change: John Marshall Roberts, a behavioral psychologist who applies science to communications that create … Read more

My Choices Are the Right Choices! and other ways to fail at sharing

If you are excited about the changes you are making in your life, you probably want to share. If you have shared your experience, you may have found that sometimes people really just don’t want to hear it. What is the best approach to sharing as you make big life changes? Just like sharing your eco-friendly … Read more

How to Teach Your Children about Eco-friendly Living

If you are thinking about how to teach your children about eco-friendly living, you may be wondering how to make those choices stick. First of all, let go! Their choices will be their choices. Once you let go, you can be more easy going about the process of teaching your children. Creating sustainable habits is an … Read more

Toxic Threats to Child Development

Are you looking for some substantial reading you can do over the weekend? I’ve been reading more about the toxic environment in which our children grow and develop. I’m not concerned about the good dirt and exposure to naturally occurring bacteria that help children build their immunity naturally. I’m concerned with the heavy toxins introduced into our … Read more