What Makes a Difference in Choosing Children’s Clothing?

Those of us trying to green our families and homes often, understandably, start in the kitchen. As our awareness of issues spreads, we start to see more changes we can make to create and model sustainability for our families. Questions that we’ve heard from a few customers are: What makes a difference in choosing children’s … Read more

Stainless Steel Dishes for Children

In our quest for the safest products for children, we’ve worked hard to avoid plastic, melamine, and other products that can leach dangerous chemicals or dangerous levels of naturally-occurring substances. One material that we really like for children’s mealtimes and lunch boxes is stainless steel. High-grade stainless steel is considered food-grade or medical-grade. All of … Read more

Baby Steps to Waste-free School Lunch Products

Every year we circle back around to reducing waste as our children go back to school. Waste from school lunch is visible and preventable, so we keep coming back to improve and come closer to that ideal of waste-free school lunch. This year, look at your child’s school lunch bag to ask if anything is being … Read more

Non-toxic Laundry Products

As part of our Safe Family Promise, we set high standards for Non-toxic products, including non-toxic laundry products. We seek out the safest products to get the job done well and naturally. To get your clothes and cloth diapers clean as naturally as possible, the most important factor to control is the detergent or soap … Read more