Using Cloth Diapers on a Plane

I hear parents afraid of flying with cloth diapers. They’re only little pieces of cloth—nothing to be afraid of. Whether you are going to wash your own diapers once you arrive at your destination or use a diaper service while you are there, you really can do it! If you can camp with cloth diapers, you can … Read more

Diaper Service for Extended Vacations

If you are planning an extended vacation in one place or you are attending a long event, you can travel with cloth diapers without actually having to take your own diapers with you. Look for a local diaper service. Though it is possible to fill your suitcase with dirty diapers and bring them home to … Read more

Cloth Diapers in Daycare: Turn “No!” into “How?”

If you want your baby in 100% reusable cloth diapers full time, you can help your daycare provider feel comfortable with cloth diapers. Real Diaper Association and Real Diaper Industry Association have created a useful resource for you to turn a “No!” into a “How?” when you bring up cloth diapers. You might be starting … Read more