Nurture Your Marriage

Happy Anniversary to me! A short lifetime ago, I was married in the village where I am now spending the holidays with my in-laws. My husband and I have blocked out the day to spend together, turning down all other offers of activities. Our children are spending the day with cousins, and we are off … Read more

Claim Your Local Holiday Traditions

Holiday time is a time to consider community traditions as well as family traditions. My family is staying with in-laws in rural Suffolk, England, so we’ve been going to all of the local celebrations. Thursday, we went to a performance of local Molly Dancers. This is a reclaimed local tradition that takes place between harvest and the … Read more


The holiday tradition of spiced cider or mulled wine stretches from Halloween to Twelfth Night through all of the holidays in between. Wassail is most usually associated with Christmas now, but it wasn’t always so. Wassail is both the drink and the act of going house to house asking for the drink. “Waes Hail!” is … Read more

Seasonal Table for Young Children

A seasonal table or nature table serves as an indoor reminder of the changes of the seasons. Many families and Waldorf schools add to the table as they find natural treasures like rocks, shells, twigs, small squashes at harvest time, new leaves in spring, and anything else that strikes the fancy of adults or children … Read more