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Happy Anniversary to me! A short lifetime ago, I was married in the village where I am now spending the holidays with my in-laws. My husband and I have blocked out the day to spend together, turning down all other offers of activities. Our children are spending the day with cousins, and we are off without telling anyone where we are going.

Whether it is an anniversary or just an opportunity when surrounded by family, take advantage of the time you have family members around to watch your children and go spend time alone with your spouse. Especially when you have young children, parenting can be an all-consuming occupation, but you need time to nurture your marriage. I remember well how it felt to be forced to go out with my husband whenever my mother was in town, when what I really wanted to do was to stay with my babies. I missed my babies. I knew when they were hungry because I ached to feed them.

Still, I’m glad I went. As my children grow older and need less time, my husband and I aren’t strangers whose world revolves around children. We’re a couple whose children are only part of the bond.

Quick Tips for Your Time Together

  • GO! Whether you want to or not, go spend time alone with your spouse.
  • Choose an activity that gives you time to talk. Even if you go to a movie, go to dinner or take a walk as well.
  • Consider setting a limit on how much you can talk about children. Let your evening be about the two of you.
  • If you have time to think about it beforehand, give each other little gifts. If you just can’t get past the chaos to think that clearly, don’t worry about it.

Every day, take small steps to nurture your marriage. This holiday, take up kind grandparents, friends, and extended family members on their offers to watch your children. Get to know your husband or wife again every chance you get.

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