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When you are squeezing your budget, work on those big expenses first. Household heating is one place you can save without too much pain. Start your savings by turning down the heat.

Warm Yourself Instead of the House
Turn down the thermostat, and wear a sweater and socks. Use a lap blanket if you will be sitting for a while. When I have a child in a t-shirt and no shoes telling me, “I’m cold,” I laugh and say, “Put on a sweater!” We start by heating ourselves, but it is a habit you have to work on with children.

Limit the Parts of the House You Heat
If you have a guest bedroom that doesn’t get used much, close the door or close the heating vent. Use a space heater if you spend most of your time in one room. Heat only what you need, but don’t let plumbing get too cold because frozen pipes will eat every penny you save and more.

Let Nature Work for You
Open your blinds or curtains while the windows face the sun, and close them when the sun hides or moves. Put a child in charge of this. They will love the responsibility, and it will help them become more aware of working with the power of nature.

Block the Leaks
If you see daylight around the edges of your door, you are losing money through that door. Replace weather stripping, re-caulk windows, and close off any spaces around cables or outlets that lead to the outside. Closing off spaces to the outside will also help keep unwanted creatures from using your house for a warm vacation.

Invest in Future Savings
Insulation and storm windows and doors will help you avoid losing heat into the great outdoors, but your up-front costs will be significant.

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